Data Analytics

Smart data can put your business in the fast lane to high-powered decisions. But first you need a data engine that’s built for scale.

Removing the friction that slows down delivering data to your business is part art, part science—and we can help with both. We understand what’s under the hood and how it connects with real business outcomes. Let’s build a next-gen data engine that empowers your company to race ahead, with purpose.

Big Data

Today’s data isn’t just easy-to-wrangle numbers. It’s real conversations, pictures, sensor data: everything in your sphere of business. We can help you find useful insights buried in these massive quantities of data—structured, unstructured and semi-structured. We partner with you to work through data discovery, implementation, migration, managed support and training so your team can take control. Our thought leadership and proprietary tools and accelerators will help you find your focus, faster.

Cloud Analytics

Storing and analyzing a large volume of data sometimes takes horsepower you don’t have. Since we’re knee-deep in everything cloud, we can propel your journey to a safe, efficient cloud analytics destination. Whether you need advice on choosing the best software, platform or cloud setup, we can help. We apply data knowledge, a security mindset and cloud experience to help you create powerful insight.

Business Intelligence

Data visualization can be a significant—and potentially transformative—investment for your organization. We have deep expertise in helping organizations get the full value out of their BI systems, from implementation and integration to end-user adoption. We partner with some of the world’s most digitally savvy organizations to fuel data-powered productivity.

Data Management

Data can help you make sharp decisions—if you trust it. We’re experts in data quality, from strategy to cleansing to master data management, and can help you create a roadmap to clean, usable data. Let’s build a data program that lets you use your assets with confidence.

Data Warehouses

We’ve helped our customers design, implement and manage data warehouses, and tune performance for real-time access that powers real-time resolution.

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