Product Features

Our BI solutions have helped organizations automate their business processes and achieve strategic business direction and discover profitable routes to success. Our Self-Service business intelligence software allows you to Discover Trends, Track KPIs and Visualize data.

Discover Trends

Track KPIs

Visualize Data

We Empower Business Users

Connect to multiple data sources, create & schedule reports, set alerts & run predictive analytics with our custom drag and drop GUI.

As a Self-Service BI Software, we empower business users by turning data into actionable insights and enable organizations to improve on decision making.

Integration & Consolidation

Our data integrator connects to any data source, including RDBMS, Big Data repositories, cloud applications, web services, and even flat files. We provide insights and display as a single visualization, dashboard, or report without going through the arduous task of building complex data models or ETL.

Collect Actionable Data

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Parallel Report scheduling
  • Threshold / Event based Alerting
  • Report Bursting
  • Drill Down and Drill Up
  • OLAP Cube Connectivity
  • Data exploration through advanced calculation
  • Advanced Analytics

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

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Content Management

Data Analytics

Community Management

Human Resources

Project Management


Finance Analytics

Ticketing System

Event Planning

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